Apprentice Competition

Apprentice Competition

This week’s post is about the importance of the Boilermakers’ apprentice program and what it means to the future of our members involved in field construction. By the way, the photo above was taken at the 2012 apprenticeship competition held at Local 169 near Detroit. That’s Joshua Breedlove, Local 69 (Little Rock, Ark.) working in the arc gouging exercise.

Apprenticeship is one of the key things that sets our members apart from nonunion crews. It ensures that new Boilermakers get a strong foundation of the skills needed to bring real value to our contractors and owners. Not only technical skills but an appreciation of working safely.

We need to stress the importance of our apprentice program whenever we can. It is one of our advantages as we seek to expand our market share.

By the way, the Boilermaker National Apprenticeship Program, or BNAP, has put in thousands of hours of time to develop a state-of-the-art online apprentice training program. It incorporates the best features of our past training system plus some of the most advanced online training tools available, including panoramic video, which allows system users to perform a virtual walk-through of a work site or training facility.


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